Being Green Means the World to Us. Literally.

Shop our numerous factory refurbished or discontinued fireplaces. No matter your budget or style you are sure to find something that can fit your design, at a great low price! All these units have been tested and approved by our Quality Control team and are a great way to save, while elevating the ambiance in your home.

These units have cosmetic damage from shipping mishandling. The units have been tested and have passed all of our normal Quality Control markers, but do have some noticeable dents or dings out of the box. Because these units are fully installed in the wall those marks will all be covered up and do not challenge the integrity of the installation. For more information or to request pictures on these units please contact

The units will come with either standard glass media or Driftwood Log set. The unit is sold as is with no warranty attached to the unit.

CLX Fireplaces

The Ambiance CLX Series was our best seller for many years that you can find in most of the renovated Wendy’s Restaurants Nationwide. The Ambiance CLX2 is the new version of this model that was updated with Orange & Blue Flame. The discontinued price is up to 40% off the original Sale Price. Limited QTY.

CLX2 Fireplaces

BG2 Fireplaces