Are electric fireplaces realistic? Yes! Many electric fireplaces have authentic features, including realistic or modern flames that stand out. Electric fireplaces deliver the convenience factor as well, with the cozy ambiance of a wood-burning fire minus the work. That said, not all electric fireplaces are created equal. Here is a checklist that will help you find the most realistic one. 

1. The Intensity of the Flame 

Look for a model that allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame. These electric fireplaces use remote flame controls to adjust the intensity of the flames burning and embers glowing. You’ll be able to control ember bed lighting, as well as backlighting, providing a customizable fire display. Some of our models include unique, multi-colored flame presentations for increased realism.  

 2. Progress of Flame

Find a fireplace that allows for the progress of flame and glowing embers. This is an automated feature, starting slow and growing. With a flip of a switch, or a push of a button, you’ll be able to control the progress and enjoy charming 3-D flames. Our high-quality log sets are amazingly realistic. 

3. LED Lighting

You’ll love the LED lights used in today’s electric fireplaces, mimicking the appearance of real flames. You can time the lights as well, setting them to flicker, also using a random refraction to produce a look that appeals to you. With some models, you can even change the colors of the flames, an eye-catching touch. Some electric LED fireplaces come with resin logs, adding to the realistic look. In addition to providing ultra-realistic flames, LED lighting also provides years of reliable use without the maintenance. Another major plus is that LED lighting is very energy efficient. 

 4. Dramatic Effects

Some fireplaces come with surround lighting that produces a dramatic illuminated effect around the fireplace. This feature also includes surround backlight colors. 

 5. Log

Electric fireplaces that feature logs do a great job of simulating a real  fire. The logs and embers built into our electric fireplaces are hand molded and hand painted. They produce impressive, realistic flames, a “smoke” effect, as well as a pulsating glowing ember effect. 

6. River Stone

Nothing warms up the appeal of a room more than an electric fireplace with a River Stoneface. A lot of special attention goes into river stone pieces, right down to the charming mantle where you can display your family photos. The stone cabinets are also available in a variety of finishes. 

7. Design

Today’s electric fireplaces are designed to be the focal point of any room. Whether the style of your interior space is contemporary or leans toward a rustic aesthetic, you’ll find an electric fireplace that will be a beautiful addition to your home. 

Are Electric fireplaces realistic? Yes!  Not only are ours realistic, but we also have features that make them look out of this world, like glacier glass with our Ambiance CLX 2 series and colorful like our spectrum series. To find the perfect electric fireplace for you, click here. 

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