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You might be considering purchasing a large electric fireplace because it’s too disruptive and expensive to install a wood-burning fireplace in a house that wasn’t originally built with one. Adding a fireplace can have a huge impact on your home’s ambience. There’s nothing quite like sitting near a cozy fire. Although an electric fireplace costs far less than adding a wood-burning fireplace, you should still be aware of its initial and ongoing costs.

Gas vs. Electric – Installation

A large gas fireplace can be expensive to install, especially if your house doesn’t already have an existing gas line. A less-expensive option is to fuel the gas fireplace with a propane tank. However, propane might be a less-than-ideal solution because most fireplace designs aren’t meant to accommodate a propane tank and that can take up valuable square footage. Depending on the style you choose, even a large sized electric fireplace can simply be plugged into a wall outlet, requiring little to no installation. For a more built-in look, some large electric fireplaces may require a initial installation into the wall.

Gas vs. Electric – Costs

The cost of operating a large electric fireplace is typically between seven and thirteen cents per hour. A gas fireplace, on the other hand, can cost more than twenty cents for each hour it’s running. Of course, all prices depend on the electricity costs in your area.

Electric Fireplace Advantages

In addition to the cozy feelings that a fireplace can evoke, a large electric fireplace can also lower your heating bill. Running an electric fireplace costs similar to what running a space heater costs, which is likely significantly less than running the central heating system in a house. A large electric fireplace can heat several hundred square feet. Utilizing zone heating can be both energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Electric fireplaces require almost no maintenance throughout their useful life. Especially when compared to a wood-burning fireplace, the amount you can save by not cleaning and maintaining an electric fireplace can be significant. Adding a fireplace to your home can also increase your home’s value by up to 12%. Plus the low purchase and set-up costs of electric fireplaces, ensure that you can afford the comfort and style you want in your home fireplace.

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