Many people throughout our country have likely heard of a thing called a ‘no burn day’ on the news at some point. The newscasters always explain that it is important to avoid burning anything on those days until the rule is lifted. Why do states dictate that you can’t burn anything on certain days? Keep reading to learn about the reasons behind no burn days.

Why are there No Burn Days?

Although periodic bans on fires may seem unreasonable to some people, there is a very good reason for them. Several areas of our country are surrounded by mountains in a valley, suffer from severe droughts or have a horrible pollution problem. Burning anything on high-pollution days can create terrible health risks for people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory problems. Regions that are affected by droughts often order no burn days because of the high risk of accidental house or wildfires.

Do You Need Heat or Want to Enjoy a Fire on a No Burn Day?

Electric fireplaces save the day for anyone who wants to enjoy the heat and appearance of a fire on no burn days. They are carefully designed to realistically emulate traditional fireplaces in nearly every way while releasing no harmful fumes.

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