Electric Fireplace Heaters – Are They Effective?

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An electric fireplace heater can transform any room, are cost-effective, and energy efficient. They can also be used with or without heat, providing the flexibility to enjoy the comforting glow of a fire year-round. While these are great perks, are electric fireplace heaters effective? Absolutely.  

Benefits of an Electric Fireplace Heater 

Compared to gas or wood burning fireplaces, an electric fireplace heater requires fewer materials and energy to generate heat. By purchasing an electric heater, you’re doing more than selecting an efficient heating solution, you’re helping the environment by not burning natural resources, or releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere.  

They’re Cost Effective electric fireplace heater

Not only are electric fireplace heating solutions affordable, but research also shows that up to 50% of the heat energy generated by other fireplace options is lost as it’s absorbed into the atmosphere. An electric fireplace heater, on the other hand, ensures that little or no energy is sacrificed because it is converted directly into an efficient heat source. 


With an electric fireplace heater, the warmth they provide is dissipated directly into the room. It’s not lost through special venting or chimneys required by other types of fireplaces. 

Minimal Installation Required 

A conventional fireplace requires a tremendous amount of planning and construction to achieve the desired look. In contrast, an electric fireplace is a hassle-free solution with an uncomplicated installation process. 


Electric Fireplace Types 

There are a variety of electric fireplace options available, in a number of variations and colors. Available solutions include free-standing, mounted, or recessed designs. 

Free-standing Electric Fireplace Heater  

This budget-friendly electric fireplace heater option offers a lot of flexibility, with portable, plug and play and other solutions. These heaters provide an inexpensive way to provide supplementary heat to take the chill out of a room. That said, wall mounted electric fireplace heaters provide added visual appeal without the risk of tipping over, unintentional fires, and burns.  

Wall-mounted Electric Fireplace Heater  

wall-mounted electric fireplace heater adds style and sophistication to any room. The majority of the wall mounted electric fireplace heaters are fully automated.  

Recessed Electric Fireplace Heater  

These heaters offer a built-in, finished look and like others, offer a variety of heat settings. Recessed fireplace heaters do require more time, work, and cost to set up but generally not as much as traditional fireplaces. 



Electric Fireplace Heater Inserts 

The variety of sizes and designs of fireplace inserts is extensive, and they’re easier to install than a traditional fireplace. The inserts also give you more control over the light and heat provided.  

Is an Electric Fireplace Heater Effective?

Yes! Today’s electric fireplaces not only come in a variety of sizes and designs, but they are also available in varying heating capabilities. Electric fireplaces can also heat a room faster and more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces, and they’re safe to use. These cost-effective heaters are also one of the most efficient ways to heat a room, which reduces energy costs.  

To find the best electric fireplace for your home, find a dealer near you.  

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