Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient?

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Are Electric Fireplaces Energy Efficient?

Yes! They’re made that way! That’s why a growing number of homeowners are turning to eco-friendly electric fireplaces in an effort to make their homes more energy efficient.

NetZero electric fireplaces generate as much renewable energy as they consume. This means they turn all of the energy they generate into heat, which ensures that they’re 100% energy efficient. Wood and gas fireplaces, on the other hand, lose up to 60% of the energy they produce into the atmosphere. Both wood and gas fireplaces also rely on natural resources for heating. With an electric fireplace, you only need a standard 120v household outlet.

Don’t Heat the Whole House – Keep the Heat in the Room

If you consider how much time you spend in a particular area of your home, you’ll find that you probably spend the majority of your time in only a few rooms. Just think about all the wasted energy you produce if you heat your entire home! By taking advantage of the concept of zone heating, you can have an electric fireplace installed in the room you use the most, turning it off when you leave. This makes it possible to set the thermostat to low in the rest of your home while enjoying a nice, cozy temperature in the room you use the most. It’s also important to note that electric fireplaces heat the room they’re in more efficiently and faster than real wood-burning fireplaces. Because heat rises, traditional wood-burning fireplaces let most of the heat out through the chimney.

Scheduling and Timers

With electric fireplaces, you can reduce or turn off heat when you’re not home or are sleeping. High-quality electric fireplaces come with great features that include thermostats that make it possible to set the temperature. Another great feature on these electric fireplaces are timer remotes that give you the ability to set the fireplace for a predetermined period, meaning you don’t need to actively regulate it. Programmable thermostat remotes also let you set predetermined settings like the day and time of day of the week.

Environmentally Safe

Traditional fireplaces (wood and gas) produce carbon monoxide, tasteless, colorless gas that can be lethal in areas of the home that have poor ventilation. It’s also important to note that If a chimney isn’t cleared out or cleaned regularly (and appropriately), carbon monoxide can end up backing up into all living areas, putting anyone in the home at risk. Carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t a concern with electric fireplaces. Thanks to the lack of greenhouse gas production, electric fireplaces have become one of the most eco-friendly heating solutions available on the market today.

With advanced technology, fireplaces are much more efficient than they’ve ever been. To locate an energy efficient fireplace dealer near you, click here.

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