For many years, there was no comparison between electric and gas fireplaces. Both were possible substitutes for traditional wood burning units but gas was considered superior for one simple reason: designers and engineers had neglected to make electric fireplaces look as realistic as gas ones. Gas fireplaces were originally created to circumvent all the negative attributes of wood burning fireplaces without sacrificing the benefits. They provide heat and light, just like traditional fires, but do not produce by-products like smoke and ashes, avoid the need for major structural features such as a chimney and flue, and can be connected to existing gas lines so that no external fuel source is needed. Unfortunately, most designs still require some structural change to your home (i.e. cutting a vent in an exterior wall to allow for fresh air exchange) and can also increase the risk of having contaminated air inside your home.

Thus the electric fireplace was born. These new products also provided warmth and light, but were easier to install than either their gas or wood burning counterparts, and—most importantly—would not contaminate the air in a home. The biggest problem with electric fireplaces was that they looked fake. The artificial flames in electric fireplaces just didn’t accurately simulate the real flames of a gas or wood burning unit.

Modern Flames has changed all that.

We have developed new technologies that make electric fireplaces look like the real thing. No more cartoonish flames or obviously fake glowing embers. Each Modern Flames unit is designed to mimic the look of real flames, giving you all the warmth and ambiance of a wood or gas burning fire without the inconvenience and potentially harmful by-products. Simple plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy the glow of your incredibly realistic Modern Flames electric fireplace.

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