The formal introduction and rollout of the Modern Flames Landscape Fullview (LFV series) experienced delays with ramifications for our customers. This bulletin gives the reasons for the delays caused by re-engineering, re-design and lead time increase for manufacturing and the positive features that have resulted.

Landscape Fullview

  • Included dry-wall frame stand-offs
  • Nailing tabs added to make it easier to frame-in the LFV
  • Engineered easier access to components for serviceability, if ever needed
  • Reinforced the strength of the products due to the large size of the wider LFV
  • Re-engineered the access panel for wiring from the back of the LFV to the side for simplified installation
  • Located the touch screen control in the hard-wire compartment for easy accessibility and installation
  • Simplified the customizing features for the Driftwood Logs and the LED RGB contemporary kits for simple plug-in
  • Enhanced the customized ember bed options for ease of installation and optimum appearance
  • Enhanced the flame image

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