Save Space with a Corner Electric Fireplace

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Many people are choosing to live in smaller spaces. Even when downsizing, you can still enjoy the elegance and warmth of a fireplace while saving space and money over traditional options with a corner electric fireplace. A corner electric fireplace is particularly attractive for smaller spaces because it creates additional storage space in otherwise underutilized areas of a room.

Flexible Design

Modern LED fireplaces offer a range of style options. No matter the style of your decor, there is an electric fireplace design to match it. From classical fluted plinths to sleek aluminum and glass models, there is a perfect electric fireplace for your space.

A Safe Alternative

Electric fireplaces are much safer than traditional fireplaces when in operation. Because the heating elements are protected and contained within the unit, the exterior surfaces of the fireplace remain cool to the touch. This makes electric fireplaces a much safer bet around small children and pets. Most LED fireplaces also offer a self-timer syst3em that shuts down the unit after a set period of time. No worries about leaving it on while falling asleep, it will shut off by itself.

Energy Efficient and Green Friendly

Corner electric fireplaces are energy efficient. The LED technology uses very little electricity and virtually none of the heat generated is lost through a chimney. Instead, a built-in blower system ensures that nearly all of the heat created is used to warm the home. Plus, there’s no oil, gas, or wood used to create the flame. These fireplaces do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and poor indoor air quality.

Adjustable Temperature

Many of these fireplaces offer the ability to enjoy the look and sounds of flickering fire without the oppressive heat. Enjoy the cheerful warmth of a year-round fire without sweltering heat. Then, during in winter months, you have the flexibility to adjust the heat setting to a comfortable range.

Easy to Install

Many corner electric fireplaces are stand alone units that require no special setup or expertise to use. These are great options for renters, as they simply plug into a wall outlet. Installing these units cases no permanent damage to the walls and you can easily cart them away with you when you move! If you want, it is possible to install some units directly into the wall for a custom-built look. Just like the stand alone units, these models do not need any special permitting or tools to install, only a supportive alcove to slide into and an accessible power outlet.

Modern Flames

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Modern Flames is known as an innovative leader in contemporary electric fireplace design and technology for residential and commercial environments. Pioneering the introduction of the modern linear electric fireplace throughout North America in 2008, the style has since set the standard for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners due to the ultra-realistic flame appearance paired with the ease of installation and affordability.

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