Autumn is just around the corner and with it comes the perfect weather for cuddling around the warm glow of a fireplace. But did you know you can save money and have a healthier home by replacing your traditional wood-burning fireplace with an energy efficient LED fireplace? Plus, you can spread the crackling cheer of a fire through many rooms in your home for considerably less expense than a wood-burning fireplace.

LED Fireplaces are Incredibly Efficient

The design of an electric fireplace ensures that all of the energy produced is converted into heat, which is then directed into your room instead of out a chimney. A traditional fireplace, whether gas or wood-burning, can lose up to 60% of the energy they produce into the atmosphere. Plus, when not in use, they are often a source of cold air in a room! But, with an electric LED fireplace every dollar spent, is converted into useable heat.

Electric Fireplaces Help Reduce Heating Expenses

The smart placement of LED fireplaces, allows you to take advantage of zone heating. Effectively, this means you only need to comfortably heat rooms in active use. The central air can then be turned down to a more modest, less expensive level for the rest of the house. These fireplaces cost very little to run, averaging about 8 to 12 pennies an hour or roughly $25 a year. A gas fireplace, by comparison, runs about $60 a year and wood can burn up roughly $190 for the same amount of generated heat.

Lower Initial Cost

If your home doesn’t have an existing gas or wood fireplace, you can expect to pay as much as 7,000 dollars to have the flue, chimney, firewall, and mantle installed safely. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of regular maintenance – an uncleaned chimney is a fire hazard! Further, any home with a chimney is a home with a hole in its insulation. Even with the flue closed, the heated air inside your home escapes and leaves a chilly draft in the room with the fireplace.

An electric, LED fireplace is much less expensive and is self-contained, with no chimney to leak air from! Best of all, most can be purchased for only a few hundred dollars! So get an LED fireplace today and save.

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