Install an Electric Wall Fireplace in Five Steps 

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Today’s electric wall fireplace models are stylish, sleek, eco-friendly, economical and the latest trend in interior home design. They’re also easy to install and the kits typically include all the hardware that you need. You can install most electric wall fireplaces in five easy steps. 

Electric Wall Fireplace Options – Wall Mounted and Recessed electric wall fireplace 1

Both wall-mounted and recessed electric wall fireplaces will add warmth and sophistication to any room. Recessed electric fireplaces provide the built-in, custom look that homeowners with the right space appreciate. A wall hung electric fireplace can be installed on just about any wall, similar to a piece of artwork or a flat-screen TV. With both options, you’ll first need to decide on a suitable location that isn’t susceptible to moisture. It also needs to be in an area that’s a safe distance from high traffic areas, furniture, and drapes. Before you start the installation process, carefully read the instructions, including the warnings, that came with your electric wall fireplace. If you do, you can avoid running into problems.  

Electric Wall Fireplace Recessed Installation 

 electric wall fireplace 21. Follow the chart included in the instructions and prepare the frame opening. The frame opening will be marginally larger than the fire unit itself. For optimum concealment, it’s recommended that you have a qualified electrician add an electrical outlet according to local building codes. Install a 110v outlet on the finished surface to the right of or above the recessed opening. Fascia (a flat piece of material) will cover the outlet and plug.

2. Attach the included L-metal brackets to the unit using small washer head screws.

3. Secure the fireplace unit to the completed framed opening using the large washer head screws. Drive at least four of the screws into a strong, solid backing.

4. The fireplace will be presented in a finished wall opening. Because the installation is semi-permanent, all you need to do to move it is remove the screws. It’s important not to block the fireplace with any additional tile or trim because it can end up blocking the appropriate air flow.

5. Now, hang the face section on the fire unit. Make sure that the hooks on the backside of the glass face have been secured on all four studs on the fire unit.

Electric Wall Fireplace Wall Mounted Installation 

electric wall fireplace 31. Hang the mounting bracket using large washer head screws and wall anchors. The wall anchors should be used at the highest outside corners. At least two screws should be driven into a solid backing. Use the chart included in the instructions to determine the appropriate distance between the screws being used to hold the mounting bracket in place.

2. Affix the L-metal bracket to the bottom of the fire unit using small washer head screws.

3. Suspend the fire unit on the provided mounting bracket.

4. Use the L-metal bracket to secure the bottom of the fire unit to the chosen wall space. Wall mounted electric fireplaces are also semi-permanent when it comes to installation.

5. Hang the glass face on the fire unit. Make sure that the hooks on the glass are properly secured on all four studs on the fire unit. 

Installing an electric wall fireplace is easy and finding the best one is too. To find a dealer near you, click here. 

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