Modern Flames will be introducing another industry first product to the Hearth Industry at this year’s HPBExpo in March at booth# 1408. This revolutionary product is the first ever battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled electric log set that is designed to simply be unpackaged and placed inside an existing wood burning fireplace without running an electrical line.

With millions of wood-burning fireplaces in the marketplace, a common challenge is updating this look from wood burning to gas or electric. The Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak is the first product of its kind eliminating these challenges and saving the customer installation costs and headaches by using high powered lithium ion batteries for operation.

The technology is paired with beauty in the most realistic electric log set on the market. Heavy bark and detailed paint schemes illustrate high quality and versatility for countless installations at a very attractive price.

When asked why this product is innovative, Kris Richardson, president for Modern Flames replied, “This is the first ever battery powered electric log set. It utilizes similar battery technology found in cutting edge electric cars like the Model S from Tesla. Also, we have incorporated Wi-Fi capabilities for smart controls including ability to connect to virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In addition, we developed a breakthrough resin compound to allow higher detail in the logs only rivaled by real wood which has never been seen before in electric products.

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